Monday, October 17, 2011

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I've been busy over the weekend reading up on my road rules book so I can get my drivers licence again.  I have driven for 33 years in Australia ... and two years here in Canada ... I let it lapse for some time and now want to get it again ... but what a hassle. I'm back to being a Learner ... so hopefully if I can get the book into my head I'll be at least able to do the written test this week.   Urgh!!!   it wasn't easy getting it in the first place here in Canada. Everything is back the front from what I've learned and used and driven by in Australia.  It's like trying to drive in the mirror.  oh well... I'll keep reading my book this week... after I go to the dentist for my new crown ... and a few other things I need to do ... I'll go over to the transport office in town and see what I can do....    I want to drive our new little Jeep. It's so sweet... I love it...

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