Thursday, October 13, 2011

Don't forget to visit my Etsy Shoppe .... it has stacks ... over 220 sheets for you to print out and enjoy.  Latest addition are very pretty cards with backs on them .. you print and fold in half ... they are really lovely ...  I've printed so many of them to use for all occasions.  There are also christmas images ...  you can print for gift cards, there's hang tags, circles and rounds if you are into making pocket mirrors.  I would love one of those with my images on it.  There are also backgrounds to use any way you wish... there's images to print and use as bookmarks or cards, way too many to mention here .. just drop by and see for yourself.

Remember that they are just images so even if you are into making stationery or cards yourself, or maybe webpages or blogs .... you can use the blog toppers by just adding your blog name.. there are also lots of gorgeous Etsy shoppe banners if you have an Etsy shoppe.  There's little bears of course .. (my favourite)... and lots and lots of gift ideas.... 

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