Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I was outside the mall today with my beautiful white "Dozer dog" and so many people stopped and commented on how pretty he was.  One little girl said "he likes me' and had the biggest smile as she touched his head.  Ladies with kids in strollers, elderly ladies, expectant mothers, and some teenagers all said he was a lovely dog ....  I told my hubby that his son ought to get himself a big white dog .. because he'd certainly be a girl magnet.  so funny.....   If somone wanted to pick up girls then they need a big white dog like old Dozer.

I had my last eye appointment this afternoon ... all is good thank heavens and my eyesight now is spectacular after my surgery.  Only bad thing about seeing so good is now my wrinkles are obvious. Yikes!!!  I never saw them before .... lol.....

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