Friday, November 18, 2011

Friend just phoned .. said he had a visitor up a tree.  His beautiful golden retriever had chased a bear and it was sitting on the branches out of reach of  Ben.   So funny....  Ben got called inside and the bear made his journey down the tree and into the woods. I guess he's still getting the bird seed but he really should be sleeping or at least snuggled up in his den by now.   It was so cold this morning... minus 20 and my walk with Dozer dog was short and shivery.  He, of course didn't care. We came home and I threw a cheese bun out the door onto the snow for the birds ... but of course its in Dozer's belly because he didn't want anyone else to have it.  One would think he's starving but instead he's being treated like royalty and because he's so big and grows a thick coat in the winter I guess he wants to keep eating as much as he can.  Poor little birds will have to get another bread roll whilst old sleepy Dozer is having his afternoon nap. 

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