Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A pretty cupcake for you from my Etsy Shoppe... Click to see it full size and then you can print as many as you wish.  Punch a hole in one corner and tie a pretty ribbon.

Well my grand dog ... who lives about 10 hrs away from me ... has already undone his Christmas gift.  We sent a parcel down to the family and I included some rawhide doggie treats for Chewie dog.  Family woke up one morning to hear chewing sounds and it was my darling boy .. eating his Christmas gift.... he'd undone the package and got stuck into them.  So funny.   I remember one Christmas back in Australia when my beautiful Old English Sheepdog got under the christmas tree and undone every single parcel I had wrapped and put there.  The shirts in boxes had teeth holes in the box, and all sorts of things were nearly destroyed.  I guess it was my fault for putting his doggie treats under the tree for him too.   I sure do miss him and I'm so glad I have Dozer this year.  My Wilbur dog also loved to undo his own gifts....   :-)

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