Saturday, December 10, 2011

A very pretty Santa... sometimes these vintage santas look a bit scarey but not this one.... gorgeous beard ...

And a cute little baby. We have some pretty displays outside homes around our area ....  lots of them seem to have the blow up thingies like moose and santas and even next door has penguins in a sled . They are huge and a heated fan keeps them inflated up here in the cold of Canada.
There is even a huge polar bear down on the corner ....and he looks right at home on the ice and snow.

This morning I'm up very early.. it's only 4.30 a.m. so I can see the eclipse of the moon.  It's supposed to be happening in an hour or so ... it will turn deep red and orange ... we have a great view of it here with no street lights or distractions.  Only thing is its snowing outside so I'll be bundled up warm .... Then I can have a cup of tea and snuggle back down into my bed ....   :-)

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