Saturday, January 14, 2012

As I wake each morning and look at my adorable Dozer dog .. he's getting old... but he sure is beautiful.  I'm envious of his gorgeous thick fur coat, which does not need ironing, does not need mending, does not shrink when he gains weight .... he never needs his hair cut, and he's absolutely stunning every single day of his life no matter his age or his size.  No wrinkles, no double chin, doesn't have to buy new clothes, doesn't worry about whats in or out ... he's not fashion conscious.  And best of all he loves me whether I'm fat or thin, clever or dumb, poor or rich ....whether I can walk slow or fast,  whether I need a haircut or a makeover or a trip to the beauty parlour...  He takes me as I am ...our love heals everything.

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