Monday, January 16, 2012

she even comes in sepia colour...
she would look wonderful in a nursery ... in a shabby chic setting, as an album cover, in a frame, or any way you wish to use her.  Great little greeting cards to send to your family and friends perhaps.  She comes one to a sheet and you can print as many as you like ... I would add a gorgeous white satin ribbon or perhaps a pink one tied in a bow  ...  I really do love her .. she was fun to create.

Our deer have been visiting today .. poor little things its so cold out there. Minus 35 or lower tonight.  Strange thing was when I saw them today there were 6 little ones and only one mother. I don't know why they are all coming with the mother and her twins ... perhaps they are orphaned ... and just following her around.  I fed them lots .. and they even sat in the little covered wooded hideout just at our fence line ... and enjoyed some much needed afternoon warmth from the sun. 

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