Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just changed my background as you can see.... nothing nicer than having tea with some friends ... sharing some cake from your tiered cake plate ... or enjoying some of my spectacular Aussie "biscuits" called Tim Tams.  They had a sale on them last week in town so I got 10 packets.  They are so yummy.  If you see them about grab them quickly because you'll be wanting to go back and get some more.   .............  Snow has been falling over the past couple of days.  Building up today so we had to shovel and then shovel some more.  But I guess Spring is getting closer .. I can't believe its nearly the end of February already and March will be here.    A little card for you below to stash in your folders if you are saving the pretties from my blog.  Click on it to see it original size and save it from there.....

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