Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gosh the news gets so depressing. Just heard that the American indians have been grated permission to kill bald eagles for religious purposes.  What a crock !!! It is more likely to be the same as the Japanese killing whales for "research purposes".  Really who do they think they are kidding.  These beautiful creatures are magnificent and don't deserve to be killed.  Eagles or whales or any wildlife just for the enjoyment of the killer.  Then I heard another story about Donald Trumps sons going to Africa and killing a heap of animals like beautiful elephants. One of them is holding the elephants tail up for a photograph.   They need to get a life. This type of cruelty makes me so mad ........   I liked Donald Trump but not anymore ..... he should have taught his sons to treat animals better ... surely with all the money the Trump empire has they could find something better to do with their time than kill defenceless creatures for sport.


  1. Not surprised about Trump's kids....he's a monster so the apples don't fall far from the tree. I'm a native New Yorker and I know a snake when I see one, especially one from my home town. Yuck...he treats humans like garbage so you can only imagine what he does to the animal kingdom. I get upset about cruelty of all kinds and you are right eagles are magnificent. I'll have to look at the Guardian about the Native Indians killing them and why. They usually get the short end of the stick, so this would be surprising. Thanks for all the info in this post. I do so love your blog.

    Happiness, LOVE and Peace to ALL !

  2. Yikes, I just got finishing reading about the eagle kill ... this is just awful ... shame on them ... get over it ... if they really had respect for our Mother Earth they wouldn't be doing this. Thanks for the heads up.

    Happiness, LOVE and Peace to all