Thursday, March 29, 2012

I watched Titanic movie last night. Shed lots of tears .. it was such an emotional movie and I'd not seen it since it came out in 2002 I think it was.  It's still hard to believe that its 100 years since its sinking in 1912.  So many strange things happened on that trip. The captain for instance had already run 3 other ships aground before he took over the ship... there were no binoculars on board..(they got left on the pier in Southhampton) .. all of them in a box. 

There was also a fire on board even before they left on their journey .. the fire was in the coal .. and it took days to control. They should never have started on the trip.  There were not enough life boats (we all know that) .. but many of them were not outfitted with the proper provisions.   Nobody seemed to take any notice of the wireless warnings of ice bergs (in a 40 mile area).  They wanted to break the record for crossing the Atlantic.    So many odd happenings ... it was almost like the ship was doomed from the start. 

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