Saturday, March 24, 2012

I've just finished a book about the Titanic and every time I do research into it I learn so much more.  The book is about the personal stories of survivors and its enthralling to read about what really happened and how they dealt with the catastrophe.  One person at the investigation said that a big Newfoundland black dog had been swimming around the ocean for about 3 hours ... yet he still managed to bark ... to attract attention.... when one of the lifeboats drifted under the bow of the Carpathia ship which had come to help with the rescue.  The people on board the ship did not know the lifeboat was under the bow and had they not heard the dog barking all might have been killed or crushed by the boat.   Amazing stories...  the big beautiful dog survived although his owner perished on board the Titanic. 

Many other dogs were saved by their owners... I guess they were small ones and there was even a baby pig saved... they don't know where it came from or whose it was but one lady rescued it from the water and cuddled it in  her coat.  Many of the survivors were in their night attire ... and almost all of the lifeboats had the women as rowers because no men were put on the boats .. it was women and children.  Some of the ladies who took over the oars were fancy, rich New Yorkers in their fur coats and jewels ...   stunning stories of survival... terror, screams of the dying and those awaiting the rescue which never arrived in time.    

Nearing the 100 anniversary of the sinking on the 15th April 1912 ... I think its all about remembering the lost souls .. those who saved others yet perished ... God bless them all.

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