Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gee these days go by quickly... when I come to my blog and find its been three days since I added something...  well this morning I got up about 6.30 a.m.  Sun was already shining so I took my darling Dozer dog for a walk. We went further than usual .... sometimes depending on how both of us feel .. our walks can be long or short.  Today was a treat because all our little herd of deer seemed to be up and around the homes in the subdivision behind where we live and close by the field where the deer live.  They recognised us both. Dozer of course .. (that big white wolfy husky thing that barks at us in the yard) ... and the lady who talks to us like babies and shares lots of food with us....  :-))   I thought they might begin even following us back home. 

They were enjoying people's gardens ... eating everything they could find that must have been tasty ... so I guess when everyone wakes up and finds their trees and bushes and flowers nipped off at the buds they won't be too happy .....    We have our little conifer trees wrapped up .. and last night luckily I covered my little plants with a tarpaulin out back.  Oh well...  they sure are beautiful to see ...

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