Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A photo of my boy Dozer taken today after he buried a treat he found under the melting ice and snow.  He decided to re-bury it in a little dirt pile and then cover it up with leaves ... so not only was his nose covered in dirt and grass but also his feet.  He's been having to have his feet washed on a regular basis before he comes in. Hopefully soon the grass will be green and the mud and snow will have vanished.

Over the past week I've been inundated with shows about the magnificent Titanic ... and sad to hear that a cruise ship leaving Southhampton to follow the journey of the Titanic and be on site at the time it sank... April 15th .. .had to turn back because a passenger was ill. Hopefully they still might make it there in time.  How disappointing for the people who had planned their trip of a lifetime for many years.   100th anniversary of the beautiful ship.   I'd love to be on board....  ah! ... even if I keep buying lottery tickets this trip of a lifetime won't be happening again.....

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