Saturday, July 14, 2012

Having a sore knee sure is annoying.  A bit of arthritis I guess .. and falling off my bike .. slipping and falling on the ice in the winter,  tripping on rocks and falling.  It's a wonder this old body still moves at all.   :-)    Old age is the pits. I always thought 62 wasn't so bad but lately I'm feeling like 72 ...  things creaking and aching like never before.  I guess we sure do take our youth and younger days for granted.  Oh well... not much we can do about getting old. Just appreciate each day as it comes and enjoy it as best we can.

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  1. Dear Jana,
    I had to laugh about you complaining about your age. I am 72 and can't complain, except that I have fallen on our stairs numerous times.
    I fell on my tail bone and am just now able to sit without having to move from side to side to get comfortable. This happened 2 months ago!!
    I enjoy your blog and reading about your life in the woods and seeing your beautiful creations.
    Love, Joan