Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roll on winter...  :-)  I'm not liking this heat much. Had enough of it back in Australia ... I guess it would be okay if one's house was air conditioned .. but the bugs are out and about and old Dozer dog sure is feeling the heat with his big fur coat.  I keep brushing him every day and the soft undercoat is coming out ... he's looking trimmer and cooler but he sure doesn't like the heat. He used to love pushing his face into the snow .. right down deep.  He's such a character.  He follows me into the bedroom and takes a nap when I take a nap.... and he's a bit like my shadow. Never leaving my side in case I somehow slip out the window or perhaps just disappear into thin air.  He has to be seeing me all the time.    

A desktop wallpaper for you .. I love these and use one every day on my computer screen. I hope you like doing that too.  Click on the image to see it larger.

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