Monday, August 20, 2012

I love reading and have recently finished two books.  One was about the Casey Anthony trial .. "Presumed Guilty".... and I'm not entirely sure about what her lawyer claims to be the truth in the death of her daughter.  It was a whole mixed up family and sadly little Kaylee was the victim. Interesting read but he didn't convince me that she wasn't guilty.  My other book was a Victorian mystery by Anne Perry... "Dorchester Terrace" ... the latest in her long list of creations.  She sure does know how to write historical facts ...  and I love the main characters .. Charlotte and Thomas Pitt.... :-))

It's been too hot here to do much else other than sit and keep cool and read.  Now that I have passed my drivers test and have my licence I can get back to my Kindle and read some more interesting things other than the road rules book...

I sure will be glad when the USA election is over. I am sick and tired of all the political banter every single day on the news stations. And Obama... he's on "Entertainment Tonight" .. "The View" .. "Today show" .... good heavens anyone would think he's a tv personality rather than the President. I wish he'd stay at the White House and do his job.  Urgh!!

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