Friday, September 7, 2012

I think Fall is on the way .. although our days in the woods are just wonderful right now with sunshine and some warmth but not too "summery" hot.  I like days like today when I can take my breakfast down onto the lawn and sit at my garden table and chairs and enjoy time with my sweet and adorable old Dozer dog.  He "helps" me eat my toast whilst in between mouthfuls he chases the squirrels at the bird feeder and makes sure that the inevitable crows sitting on the tree branches get none of his mothers breakfast.  And its such a nice cool spot to sit and read my Kindle.  What a wonderful invention it is... and today on the news I see that new versions of it are out next week .. so I might have to start saving for a new one that has a white background instead of the usual grey one.  I think white with black writing would be so much easier to read.

And my new hard drive for the computer will be here soon so then I'll have a massive task of transferring my thousands of vintage images and files over to the new one. Programs I love, plug ins for paintshop pro, my Sherlock Holmes games, my stash of books to download to my Kindle, stationery and so much to move but I'm looking forward to no more  blank screens or slow searching.  I think this one now is on its way out pretty shortly and I dread waking up one morning and turning it on only to find everything has gone and nothing is working.   Makes you wonder what the heck we did without computers. 

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