Saturday, September 22, 2012

Now I know why my Kindle was very slow ... and why our internet uploading was hopeless even though it was supposed to be high speed.  Just rang the company and they had us hooked up to some wrong port or whatever.  Urgh!!!  Now I'm hoping I'll be faster than a speeding bullet but somehow I don't think so. At least its a bit faster than it was.   Beautiful day here in the woods of northern British Columbia. The sun has been shining all day, the trees are turning yellow and its so gorgeous out there.  The little squirrel out in the yard is stocking up on sunflower seeds and peanuts ... he's up and down to the bird feeder and then jumps across to the branch of the tree and down to the ground he goes. I wish he'd just tell me where his little stash is and I'd put the cupful of seeds there for him... instead of in the bird feeder. lol ..
But alas my beautiful Dozer dog is having some troubles getting up off the ground. His hind leg is giving way and he's falling alot so I'm off to the vets surgery on Monday to see what I can get for him.  He's like me... my knee gives way and sometimes I fall too. Bless his sweet little heart I hope I can help him with some medication.

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