Saturday, September 1, 2012

Today is the start of Fall the guys on the news tell me .. not sure if that is true or not .. but it seems like it probably is because my bird bath had ice on it this morning and the weather sure has changed.  The geese are flying in their spectacular V pattern across our skies so maybe they are heading south already.  I sure do love seeing them and of course I have to stop what I'm doing and watch them go by ... wishing them a safe journey and listening to their noisy conversations as they huddle up together or change places for the front position. 

Much like the Tour de France cyclists I watched a little while ago and now I'm enjoying the guys riding through Spain. Such a very pretty place it seems to be with lots of gorgeous beaches and coastline reminding me of Tasmania where I come from.  I like watching how they go up the hills ... and the peloton ... (all of them bunched up together) how it changes form as they speed along the roads.  Amazing speeds and physical fitness.   Unlike me ... who struggles up the slightest little gradient in the road ... doesn't help that I have a very sore knee....  oh! to be young again.  And to be loved like this little guy.  How gorgeous ....

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