Thursday, October 25, 2012

For whatever weird reason this morning I woke up thinking of girls names that were actually names of flowers.  For instance, Rose, then Iris, Violet,  Lily and Daisy, Willow, Jasmine, Ivy,  Heather, Hyacinth, Holly, Poppy and a few others...  in one English program I watch the star's real name is Honeysuckle, and then there is Primrose, Pansy and Petunia.    Names sure can be weird and wonderful at times  .....   Back home in Australia I worked with a lady who had three daughters .. their names were Shelley, Sandy and Coral.  (She must have liked the beach) ...  lol ....
And on our trip to Vancouver last year we met a guy standing in line at the supermarket with two carts full of baby products.  We got talking to him and he told us he had two sets of triplets .. all girls..  Gorgeous ... luckily he had two grandmas to help out with the children.

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