Friday, October 19, 2012

My dear friend died last night and I will miss her so much.  I was so looking forward to taking her out for a drive to a tea shop when she felt better .. she was so pleased for me when I passed my driving test and got my licence.  She loved her garden, her dog and cat, visiting for cups of tea and cakes and of course her wonderful family ....  my life here in Canada won't be quite the same without her.  Rest in Peace dear lady.  You will be sadly missed.


  1. Thoughts and prayers are with you. She must have been a sweet, wonderful lady.

  2. Hi Jana,

    My heart ached for you when I read about your loss. I am so very sorry. Losing someone who you care for leaves such an empty spot in your heart. Rememberance of times spent with each other and those memories of good times and laughter gets us through. She was a lucky lady to have you as a dear friend as I am sure you were very lucky to have her. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Hi Jana,
    Losing someone because of death is the hardest thing we will ever face...No one can ever take another person's place in our lives, but thank God, we can look forward to new friends...
    God bless