Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Gosh already a week has flown by since I last posted to the blog.  With snow all around me here in the woods and guests coming for dinner ... halloween and my friends funeral as well .... its been a somewhat busy week.  Old Dozer dog is liking the snow I think. He always grabs a mouthful of it as he's walking around ... the squirrel is enjoying the peanut butter I put out for him .. and a mother deer has been visiting with two young ones which she must have given birth to in the Spring.  I love seeing them.  They are quite spoiled because there is still plenty of food in the field for them .. but of course they prefer the birdseed or anything else I can give them.

I'll certainly be glad when the US election is over.  So many ads, so much rudeness and lies .. deception and disgusting behaviour I think.  It will be an interesting voting night though ... dead heat at present... my heart is with Mitt Romney ... 

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