Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I should take my camera outside with me when I go down to the bottom of the yard to feed the birds. It's quite an adventure out there on the ice and in the snow.  My cute little resident squirrel was so busy this morning trying to chase every single bird away from the peanuts and sunflower seeds its a wonder he didn't have a heart attack ... so funny to see him going beserk because he didn't want the birds to get any of the seeds.

Whilst I was out there I gave old Dozer dog a quick brush because his coat is so thick and now that he lives here with us after we adopted him and he's inside most of the time I think his old body is telling him he's in Australia or somewhere other than northern British Columbia in the freezing cold.  So out comes this beautiful soft fluffy white fur and I usually hang in on a branch for the birds or on the wire fence. This time I put it in the bird feeder and down came the squirrel so excited to see it. 

I'd never noticed what he did before .... but I stopped and watched this time.  He grabbed the bunch of  fur .. it's fly away soft ... and because he couldn't obviously jump along the tree branches  and hold it all  he took it into his mouth twisting and turning it around and around obviously making it wet so he could shape it and hold it better .. but he looked like santa claus with a big white beard.  When he had it the right size and texture he ran with it along the fence and up into the shed next door. Through a gap and obviously now has a luxurious apartment in there with either fur carpet or fur whatever.  He'll be nice and warm for the winter no doubt.  :-))    Old Dozer was none the wiser as to where his coat went .. he was too busy trying to get rid of the cat in the grass ... who takes no notice of him whatsoever.  Nobody takes notice of him because I guess they know the boundaries of his land and the old age abilities ...  but at least he tries.

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