Friday, November 30, 2012

we have got cold days here in Canada .. lots of snow to shovel .. I think I'm turning into a whimp and would rather spend my day propped up in a comfy chair with a quilt around me, reading a favourite book.   It's so nice watching the snow come down but then I've got to go out and shovel it.  Makes it really seem like Christmas is coming .. unlike being in Australia where the day is usually so hot nobody wants to  cook anything.  I love the snow ...  and my beautiful old Dozer dog looks more like a wolf with snow on him.  He's just like some of those nature photos one sees in the stationery stores of wolves.  I should take a couple of him out there ... he's barking at me now to let him back in. He, too, has become a great big baby since we adopted him. He's a whimp now too.  lol

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  1. The weather here where I am in the States can not make up it's mind if it wants to be hot or cold....sigh. Plays havoc on my

    Your Christmas background is just so cute!!!