Thursday, January 17, 2013

My dear old Dozer dog fell down on the ice this morning.  He can't get up without his mum's help and as usual I wasn't far behind ... lifting up the back end so he could stand again. He's 122 lb.. so he's a big old guy ....   He reminded me of a video clip I saw yesterday on the news when a deer was stranded on an icy lake ... not able to stand or get to safety.  A very kind and decent man got out on the lake next to him ( all suited up and roped ... in case he fell through the ice) and tied a rope around his antlers and they pulled him... on his knees... back to the shore where they could cut the rope and let him go.  The deer ran off.. thank goodness. It was awful to see the struggle the deer was making.  They are all so gorgeous ... and last year I remember touching one on his nose whilst he ate the carrots I was giving him. 

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