Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gosh it seems like every time I turn on the computer there's been yet another windows update and something else has changed.  Yesterday it was my files ... all of a sudden they had locks on them again. It had happened in the past and I managed to get them back right but again it happened.  So annoying.  Also we lost our internet explorer and now have IE10 ... with no favourites bar at the top.  Windows 8 was bad enough ... urgh!   It's a wonder anyone bothers with computers .. and all these updates seem to be unnecessary. All they do is change the buttons around.  Oh well I seem to have things now again the way I want them but what a hassle...
I'm not sure if I've showed you these pics before. They are what two customers have done with the images from my Etsy Shoppe.... I love getting feedback and especially photos.  I'm so glad they are making pretty things with my images.  They loved them and I hope they sell lots of them at fairs or online or wherever it is they have them .
They look so lovely printed.

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