Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is wonderful. Click on the image of the Eiffel Tower and
you'll see Paris from the top of it....


  1. Hi Jana,

    Just sitting here reading your blog and saw the view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel. Absolutely fantastic. I zoomed in and saw a guy through one of the windows of one of the apartments. You wouldn't believe what he was doing. He was at his computer reading your blog as well. Gosh some coincidence, right? Ha! Loved the panoramic view Jana and can't wait to share it with Malcolm after his Mum leaves on Monday. I will be in touch Sweetie....thanks so much for sharing the amazing view. Just beautiful! Hugs From Tess ♥

  2. Hi Jana,
    so glad to be here on your beautiful blog, it's really wonderful and I am enjoying myself immensely just looking at all these fabulous images. Thanks for bringing so much beauty into our world. Please feel free to come round and pay a visit to my blog, too, if you like, you're most welcome to. Take care, greetz from the Netherlands, Ira