Friday, August 9, 2013

A pretty pink-red heart for you with vintage roses.  I'm not sure how big it comes out when you click on it .. but if you needed to increase the size for printing purposes by all means do so.  These look great with a piece of lace tied through the hole, or a pink ribbon or some raffia.  Great for using on gifts.   I've got some at my Etsy Shoppe for sale .. I love them ... surrounded by pearls. 
I've also opened some pages on Pinterest. 
I think you can access the boards from the link above.  It's a neat place ..millions of gorgeous images .. of things people like.
I've also been waiting for my little squirrels to come back for food. They disappeared for about a week and I was afraid that the cats in the neighbourhood might have got them but their little voices were loud this morning ... wanting food ... They are very funny and I think they are missing my old Dozer dog who used to annoy them and bark.

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