Sunday, November 10, 2013

A pretty girl for you ... it's been over a week I think since I wrote on my blog ... can't get over how quickly the days go flying by.  I spent 9 of those hours last night in the emergency room because of high blood pressure that seemed to come out of nowhere.  I have no clue what caused such a dramatic increase.... I said my prayers and told my Brian where I wanted to be buried.   Scarey thing for sure.

Anyway you can use the image above for whatever purpose you like.  I think she's gorgeous with her lovely red coat and feathers on her red hat and of course that lovely white scarf. I love wearing scarves and mittens here in Canada. Never had the chance much back home in Australia.  I even have a red coat too and a big white gorgeous scarf I knitted and added sparkling beads to.   Only thing I don't have are my wonderful Aussie roses ... I miss them so much.

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