Saturday, November 2, 2013

Please be careful with jerky treats you give your dog. Hundreds if not thousands of them have died because these horrible things come from China and will kill your beloved pet.  Even the "beggin strips" are tainted with colouring and other bad things ...  before I found out about them I wondered why my gorgeous Aussie brown and white dog (Wilbur) had suddenly grown a big brown caramel coloured strip across his back. Whatever was in them was changing the colour of his fur and probably of his skin.  Same with my Dozer dog .. beautiful big white fluffy Husky wolf fellow who suddenly started changing colour as well. It wasn't till after we stopped giving him treats that his coat returned to the soft white it originally was.   Please take care in what you feed your pets. DO NOT give them any treats from China. I'm not sure about the other countries where they make them but CHINA will kill them.  I want to see a total ban on these things.   Tell your friends and family to be especially careful.

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