Monday, November 25, 2013

This morning I took four strawberries down to the bird feeder for my little squirrel and of course any of the birds who wanted them.  They were so sweet, delicious and bright red.  Well the squirrel wasn't having any of the birds take them away. He gathered them up and transported them one by one to his stash two doors away.  He jumped from the tree, ran along the neighbours fence and then up into the shed of the next garden.  He did the same with peanuts and some bread ... sweet little guy - I actually think it's a girl - So many trips .. so much hard work ... If only she'd show me where the stash is I'd put the food there to begin with ...  lol
It's a lot of fun watching the antics of everything in the field and the back yard.  Watching the deer is wonderful.  They remind me of ballet dancers up on their toes.

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