Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My goodness its been cold.  Good times to stay indoors and be creative .... nothing better than being at the computer designing pretty things, with a nice hot cup of tea close by and some cookies ... and watching the snow fall outside.  Last week we had the biggest snow flakes I've ever seen since I've lived here (15 years in February).  I can't quite believe its been that long.  The flakes were gigantic.. about the size of the top of a cup.. they splattered onto my black sweater and black coat ... but the nicest thing I like to do is turn my face to the sky and watch them coming from the heavens.  Just gorgeous.    A snowy lady for you today .. hope you like her....   She does not however, look like I do when I'm out in the snow.  Makes you wonder how the Victorians managed with their big flowing dresses ... all those petticoats and hemlines dragging in the snow.

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