Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Been busy today redesigning my DVD cover ... also the front of the box image and even ordered some new business cards from Vistaprint. They do a great job.  I've gone all pink roses, pink/mauve  background with white dots and roses for the actual DVD.  A pretty start to my 2014 productions...  :-))   Time seems to go by so quickly I haven't really gotten around to it through January or most of February.

The sun is out today ...  if only it wasn't so cold out there. Minus 25 or so is awful.  Hand sticks to the metal door knob and I have to get the bird seed out of the metal shed .... again I stick to the handle of the door ...and it's really so cold that it takes  your breath away.  Icicles inside your nose, and hands with or without gloves become so cold and sore I often can't wait to get back indoors and put my hands under the hot water .....   It's also the time I wish I had fur on my nose like my beautiful furry friends out there.   They are stunningly gorgeous ... deer .. with long eyelashes and the biggest brown eyes I've ever seen.  Big ears, and when you are up close to them their coats are very furry and thick.    And I love how they seem to be walking on tip toes like ballet dancers in slow motion.  Slow perhaps when I'm talking to them but off like a flash when Blue, the dog from next door, comes around the corner of his yard and scares them.  I think they know he can't get out .. they don't run back far .. but I love to see them leaping across the field in big hops.

I'm anxiously waiting for my business cards to arrive and also some pretty new red DVD cases also my new coffee table pictured below.  They don't call them coffee tables anymore.... now they are occasional tables. I really like this one with the drawer underneath ... and shelves ...

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