Thursday, February 6, 2014

This morning I just wanted to say thank you.
To all the visitors I get from all over the world.  When I watch the cycling on the television and they are in countries around the globe I often wonder ... is there someone in that house I see on the hill.... who has visited my blog.  The list of visitors grows daily ... and some from places I have never heard of.  It's wonderful to see where your country is on the little circling globe at the bottom of my blog.  I'm so happy that you find my blog interesting and perhaps grab some of the pretty things I share.   So thank you all again for coming to visit ...  you keep me company up here in the snowy, and very cold woods of British Columbia, Canada.  I'm beginning to think I'd like to be a bear and hibernate from the cold ....  I could eat chocolate and all things I love and get really fat .. then sleep for the whole winter and wake up half my weight.  lol

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