Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm grumpy today after finding a pretty nightie I'd like on internet.  Went through the processing of it ... reasonably priced at $28 .. only to find at checkout it was $10 for tax which I highly doubt would be that much ..... then they wanted to charge $35 for postage from California to British Columbia.  We're neighbours ...  so I gave up and logged out ... never to enjoy the lovely thing I wanted to buy.  I get so annoyed that they rip people off with postage.  There is no way it would cost that much.   So instead of the $28 I was looking at originally they wanted to charge me $73.   I guess that's what happens when you live in the woods with not many stores around that have the things you want....   boo hoo!  If you live in California and you read this I'd love to hear your opinion on the postage thing and the tax .....

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  1. That drives us crazy, too! Lately we have been ordering things from Europe and the UK. Over there they seem to acknowledge there is more to the world than one self-centred country.

    Things have arrived in our part of northern Canada in three days to a week with very reasonable post considering the distance.

    I know if it wasn't for online shopping, living in a small northern town would be more difficult than it is... now, if only there was a reliable way to search on line for Canadian shops. It is enough to drive you crazy. No shipping from Florida does NOT make you a Canadian bookshop!

    so, found any good on-line stores lately?