Monday, March 10, 2014

Quite an eventual few days up here in the woods.   Flood under the house ..... broken pipe from the frozen conditions.  Urgh!  It was very difficult even digging into the snow and ice for several feet  to get to the outside door even before it could be repaired.  Snow sure is beautiful but it can be horrendous at times when it freezes into stuff like cement.    As I sit here at my computer I have my tablet on my desk and loving the new screensaver I purchased for 99 cents.  A great big brown bear in the woods putting his foot into the stream when the salmon swim by. Little squirrels climbing along logs, lots of gorgeous trees and sunlight, and of course deer and at the far end of the scene there is a posted sign to beware of Dozer... (my sweet and dear old doggie who had to be put to sleep last July).   I embedded the photo of him onto the tree and there's a lantern hanging on the branch beside him.  Waterfall further on and moose too.  It's a bit like looking out my window...  :-)  And today was nice and sunny ... I guess Spring has sprung.   Looking forward to seeing the grass growing again ......

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