Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gosh the weeks go by so quickly.  I seem to always be checking my blog to see when it was that I last posted ... then get surprised at how long its been.   Well lately we've had such nice weather its been a treat to sit outside on the deck and listen to the hundreds of gorgeous little birds all chirping away like it was their birthday.   They all seem to be so happy with lots of branches and bushes to sit on ... water beneath them where the ice melts and flows through the field and pools in quite a big area ... they love it there so I guess there are plenty of worms, or bugs or seeds etc to be found in the banks where the water has receded.

My deer have gone further into the hills I guess because now there are kids around on vacation ... and lots more noise in the field which they don't like.  But my squirrel is still wanting food for his little tummy and I keep trying to see if its a boy or a girl squirrel.  Peanuts seem to be the favourite food then sunflower seeds and its quite a process to see him or her forcing the crows to go away and leave the food alone.  So funny to watch ... he doesn't seem afraid of the crows at all. Nothing like being retired .... it's nice to just sit and watch the grass grow.   :-))

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