Wednesday, February 11, 2015

These little darlings sure make us smile.  The big white dog in the kitchen sink here looks just like my beautiful Dozer who died in 2013.  I can't believe its been that long.  He never sat in our sink but he was pure white with big ears and I could well imagine him doing this in his younger days. He looks like he's watching his mum walk down the driveway or get in her car .. 

And the little brown one below ... squishing the cat ... he's gorgeous and the cat doesn't seem to mind one bit. Warm and snuggled, happy to be close to his furry friend ..just beautiful   ... I wonder who was first on the bean bag bed.... did the cat slip under the dog or did the dog sit on top of the cat.  ..

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  1. Hi Jana....
    I love your posts! And your love for animals, Victorian things, and pretties, is just like mine! You know, if we lived closer to each other I just know we'd be 'hang out' buddies!!
    Love and Hugs,