Saturday, April 18, 2015

I deleted my Yahoo groups this morning. It seems "the times are a changing" ....

People I guess don't want to learn how to make things, create their own images or design stationeries or tags or anything else anymore. It's easier now to send someone a text for their birthday or just use their facebook accounts so many people weren't sharing regularly and I didn't see why it should always have to be me nagging them to do so or being the only one to share the pretties.  Oh well....  it comes to everything. Much like the VCR's we don't use anymore .. now its all DVD's and digital television stuff.  And I used to like those big red phone booths scattered around the countryside or towns for people to use.  Gosh I'm showing my age .... only see them in old movies now.

It got me to thinking about all the other things we don't use any more.  They were all such good creations in their day.  Do people have carpet sweepers anymore.  Those little box contraptions on a long handle that would pick up the crumbs from the carpet.  And how on earth did we manage before bottled water came to be.  I'm never without my bottle of beautiful liquid.   The world is getting way too "fancy" now.  As much as I love my computer I don't trust them to run things ... keep track of my bank account, fly planes, and all the other stuff they do for us now.  Makes me wonder what  the future holds for us all.   We can only guess.   :-))

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