Wednesday, April 29, 2015

If you are a regular visitor to my blog you'll know that I love changing things around.  Life's too short to stick to one background or theme or colour....  :-)
It's like the seasons.... white for the winter with lots of snow.... soft greens for the spring ... reminds me of the grass growing out back now that the snow has melted.  Pretty flowers for the summer and fall or autumn as we say back in Australia brings beautiful colours of the falling leaves and of course Halloween.   Red for Christmas, and on it goes.

Perhaps my preference for changing things around might stem from the fact that I mostly wear black. Little flat black shoes sometimes with a bow on the front but always peek a boo toes, a black sweater in the winter or a black t-shirt ... then of course my black short cropped capri trousers in the summer and long warm black trousers for the winter.  Black winter boots, and black coats of course with fur on the collar or shiny buttons.   It was the same back in Australia when I used to work at the Museum and Art Gallery.  Most of the people there wore black ... very professional and always looked nice.   Now all I have to do is tame my craving for black handbags ... I think I have about eleven of them all shapes and sizes ... short handles, long straps, different clasps, patent leather, all sorts of designs.  oh well.... my hubby loves black too.  :-))  thank goodness.

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