Monday, May 25, 2015

I have a new little sweetheart in my life. Her name is Peanut Daisy.  She is four years old and was already named Peanut so I added the Daisy.  :-)   Dad was a german shepherd and mum was a corgi and she was rescued from a bad place.  Now she is happy and contented and filling our lives with joy and laughter.  I hope we have her for many, many years.  


  1. Jana I love miss Peanut Daisy, she will have a wonderful life with you. Bless you for rescuing her, she is a lucky girl.

  2. Jana...You just touch my heart with you being such a kind and loving person with all these sweet little pets and wild life you share your kindness with also. You are a true treasure indeed!!
    Love and Hugs, Kathryn