Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thank You

I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented on my blog.  Blogspot can be a bit of a bother sometimes and I've only just re-read all the comments that have been made and posted.  Inspiring, and lovely to read what you think about my life here in the woods, and information about my pets and the wildlife that surrounds me.

 My dad used to love animals and I'm guessing I got my love for them from him.  Bless him I miss him so much.  He used to take me fishing and we'd sit on the wharf for hours hoping to catch something. Some days I caught nothing more than a bad cold ..but it was fun and I was happy to be with him.  

Do comment on my posts.  I'm not sure if they should have headers or not...titles ... for each one but I've not added those at all ... unlike my hubby who always puts a post header in his blog..  Anyway adding to my blog each day or when I remember too, helps to fill in the long hours of retirement living up here in the woods with often not a lot to do if you can't go skiing or walk too far and not a lot of shops close by where I can go shopping ...argh!!!!   to be back in Oz with my girlfriends having afternoon tea or gossiping with a glass of wine out in their gardens.  Miss them too ... so, so much.

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