Sunday, August 23, 2015

Terrible Mother

Oh dear ... my sweet little dog, Peanut Daisy must think I'm a terrible mother after trying to cut her toenails.  What a fiasco that was  .. she is absolutely terrified of anyone touching her toes so I'm guessing she's had a bad experience in her previous home.  I know she had a bad time and needed rescuing (which we did) .. but I felt so sad and bad at having to trim the bear-like claws at least down a little bit.  I managed to get them done after a whole lot of wrapping her up, holding her down, tapping her lightly on the nose to try and get her to stop being so silly ....shouting at her to stop it ...  it was quite an effort and I was exhausted when we were done.  I thought she'd pack up her little doggie bag (toys and all) and leave home at the first opportunity.   But thank goodness she still loves her mum and we are "friends" again.  And she has perfectly groomed toenails fit for a beauty queen.

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