Friday, August 21, 2015

Blown Away

Wow, last evening we had a huge storm. It was like a hurricane blowing through our yard and tree branches were going everywhere.  I heard the geese coming in their formation for flying south and the poor darlings were getting tossed around and blown in all directions.   As much as I love them and have read all about them I never took the weather into consideration.  They were tossing and turning and I was hoping they could land somewhere quickly and find some shelter before any of them were hurt.

The storm didn't last long thank goodness so I sure hope they weren't injured.  I worried about them for a long time.  They have so much to deal with .........  and whilst I was looking for them in the sky and trying to keep out of the horrible wind I noticed a lonely little sunflower in the field which must have come from the crows dropping the sunflower seeds I put out for them all.  Hubby went out and picked it for me and it now sits in the centre of my table and looks beautiful.   Things never cease to amaze me.  A tiny seed dropped by a bird onto the field and up sprouts and blooms a glorious, colourful, flower.

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