Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy Easter to you all.   It comes around so quickly and I can't believe winter is over and spring has sprung here in the woods of British Columbia.  We have thousands of beautiful geese flying home ... ducks and swans as well .. and they honk and "talk" as they fly over making an enormous noise.  I love seeing them return.  Anyway I hope the Easter bunny brings you something delicious ... stay safe and enjoy the break with your family and friends.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sad this week to hear of the death of Nancy Reagan.  She and hubby President Ronald Reagan were such a devoted couple.  Every image I see on the television of them both they were holding hands. Now they are together again .... 

Easter comes early this year....   here is a pretty image you could use for all sorts of purposes.  Print it out and tie it onto a gift with a gorgeous ribbon ...  

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Don't forget I have my DVD for sale with over 550 digital collage sheets for you to use however you wish.  I get lots of great comments from the ladies (and gents) who buy the images and I'm often surprised at what they do with them.   You can see previews of just some of the available
digital collage sheets on the DVD when you visit my whimsydust website.

 One lady sent me a beautiful photo of six of my prints that she had framed in gorgeous shabby chic off white frames and they looked so pretty on the wall of her lovely room.   Another took a photo of a cake she had made and used an image to decorate the top. Another one told me she had great comments from the tea party she had and where she had made cookies and used icing that was printed on.  She had my beautiful flowers on top of each cookie. Lots of customers want to know if they can use them for decorating their furniture  and others want to print them onto fabric and make quilt blocks.

Others want to use the decorative envelopes to print out and use to send money to their families when its gift giving time.  And then there are the girls who make their lovely pocket mirrors or jewelry. Wow... there are some clever ladies out there.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Seems like spring is coming quickly.  The snow is finally beginning to melt although we had a short burst of huge snow flakes this morning.  I love seeing the grass beginning to break through but I don't like the mud.  Can't wait till I can sit out on the deck and enjoy watching the flowers bloom.  So pretty and I'm constantly amazed at how anything survives after being buried for months in ice.
This is a great photo.  The tree you see in the distance was felled by beavers which also have a dam built further closer to the camera.  They are wonderful little fellows and I love finding their dams.
Click on the image to see it up close.